In the building and architectural sectors, steel framing has long been widely used. In fact, steel frames make up more than 70% of all multi-storey non-domestic frame building in the UK.

Within buildings, steel is incredibly robust, long-lasting, and quick to construct. It is the perfect material to use in construction because of all of these factors.

Steel has a high thermal conductivity rate, nevertheless. Hence, connecting the conditioned interior space to the outside environment results in a significant energy loss.

The solution? The majority of energy losses are reduced at the points of contact between high density polyurethane thermal breaks and steel framing. The synthetic resin known as polyurethane, which consists of polymer units connected by urethane groups, has a very high strength.

The compressive load capacities of Armatherm™ 500 high strength polyurethane ranges from 2 N/mm2 to 18.5 N/mm2, and it is offered in a wide range of densities. Also, the Armatherm™ 500 series R value ranges from 4.60 – 2.

Because polyurethane is denser and tougher than other materials, it can sustain heavy loads while also enhancing thermal bridge efficiency all around the building exterior.

To prevent the disastrous effects of cold bridging, a wide range of applications within buildings will need to be protected by thermal bridging solutions. For instance, connections that must be thermally broken comprise (but are not limited to):

Slab/floor edge
Column base
Roof penetrations
Custom window sills
Roof edge
Slab to foundation
Foundation to wall
Concrete balconies
Custom moulding for over-insulating

Using Armatherm™ 500 series polyurethane thermal breaks can significantly reduce heat loss and help to eliminate cold areas where condensation (and consequently mould) can develop.

Armatherm™ offers a comprehensive selection of solutions that are specifically designed to increase energy efficiency. We are a top provider of structural thermal break materials to the building sector.

Whenever there is a building envelope penetration, our thermal break solutions can be applied. By doing this, heat loss at places like balcony, canopy, parapet, masonry shelf angles, and cladding connections is effectively reduced.

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