How do ARMATHERM™ Products Save Energy?

Infrared thermal imaging exposes areas of buildings where heat is escaping through thermal bridges. Designing thermal breaks into the project will improve the overall energy efficiency performance.


We are a collaborative partner who can address thermal bridging concerns in building designs from the foundation to the roof.

  • Armatherm will help identify areas susceptible to thermal bridging.
  • Suggest strategies and products to address those areas of conductive heat loss.
  • Provide guidance to select the correct thermal break products and applications.
  • We stock thermal break products and are ready to ship in days not weeks.
  • Armatherm has outstanding customer service, fast turnaround and reliable delivery.

Case Studies

Armadillo provides cutting-edge product for Aldi’s £25m distribution centre

Armadillo was appointed by engineering firm, Craddy Pitchers Davidson to insulate the distribution centre’s 1000 sqm cold store room, used to stock thousands of frozen and chilled products before distribution to UK Aldi stores. The manufacturer’s product, Armatherm™...

Thermal breaks specialists improve energy efficiency of luxury hotel by 60%

A luxury hotel in Yorkshire has improved its energy efficiency by up to 60% with an innovative thermal bridging solution delivered by Armadillo, as part of a £9.5 million refurbishment project.

Sustainable Living Innovations – 303 Battery, Seattle WA

SLI is a mission-driven company committed to helping close the affordable housing gap for people of all income levels while setting a new standard of sustainable living. SLI manufactures high-performance, panelized buildings for the multifamily market.  Armatherm is...

University of Illinois- Townsend Hall

The project involves approximately 316,300 square feet in renovation and new construction that will increase dining capacity, improve building efficiency and sustainability, and showcase a vibrant residential experience to students, parents, and guests who visit...

Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport announced that its innovative Hotel and Transit Center has earned Platinum status under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (®LEED) program. This prestigious designation makes the Westin Denver International Airport the...

Thermal Bridging Solutions

Armatherm™ is one of the leading suppliers of structural thermal break materials for the construction industry. Our goal is to provide architects, structural engineers and building design professionals with effective solutions to prevent thermal bridging.

Thermal bridging has been recognised as a significant factor in building envelope heat loss. Armatherm™ thermal break materials have low thermal conductivity and high strength and have been designed and tested to prevent thermal bridging.

Armatherm™ thermal bridging solutions can be used anywhere a penetration or transition exists in a building envelope creating a thermal bridge. Armatherm™ structural thermal break materials minimise heat loss at balcony, canopy, parapet, masonry shelf angle and cladding connections.

To date Armatherm™ products have been installed in


commercial and residential buildings

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