The recently updated building regulations highlight a milestone in the UK’s journey towards a greener environment to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The Future Homes and Building Standard Project is underway to meet this emissions target, and recently implemented regulations mean the UK is making large strides towards the end goal. Before the stricter rules come into play, there’s steps for us to meet before 2025 to ease the burden.

For new residential structures, carbon emissions must be reduced by 30%. This is a significant step toward the objective of having all new homes be prepared for net-zero energy use by 2050. When it comes to buildings other than dwellings, a 27% reduction in emissions is to be implemented from new office and retail buildings, in line with 2050 net-zero objectives, alongside updates to the ventilation system guidelines.

Existing residential structures will be required to undertake improvements to fix building services and basic fabric standards and the design of all new or replacement heating systems must support low-carbon heating, including Ecodesign appliance criteria. For additions to existing homes, a new whole-house calculation approach has been developed with the addition of a primary energy and fabric energy efficiency meter.

As we all strive to do our bit to meet zero emissions by 2025, it’s imperative simple solutions like thermal breaks are not overlooked. Give our team a call to find out more.

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