A luxury hotel in Yorkshire has improved its energy efficiency by up to 60% with an innovative thermal bridging solution delivered by Armadillo, as part of a £9.5 million refurbishment project.

The thermal breaks specialist was appointed by Aim Applications to deliver the solution which will add to the hotel’s existing facilities with the addition of a new spa extension. The team’s solution insulated the hotel’s roofing system, which involved isolating the rooftop balustrade posts from the flat roof structure. The manufacturer’s product, Armatherm™ 500, was installed at the location where the posts and roof met to create an effective thermal barrier. The material prevented the cold steel posts from penetrating the roof insulation and transmitting cold temperatures into the interior structure as a result.

The solution implemented by the team will help to dramatically reduce condensation issues, along with improving the energy efficiency of the hotel when the spa is complete in Spring 2017.

Commenting on the project, Armadillo’s managing director, Jonathan Shaw said: “The Rudding Park project was an interesting job that demonstrated the versatility of our Armatherm™ material.

“Our thermal breaking solutions are often specified to isolate temperatures in cladding or façade projects, but they can be implemented anywhere a transition occurs in the building envelope. Roofing structures are a key location at which heat can be lost, impacting heavily on the energy efficiency and running costs of a building.”

Armatherm™ 500 has been used in a variety of construction projects, from structural steel framing connections and façades to residential builds and freezer rooms.

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