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thermal bridging heat loss

Armatherm™ – Thermal Bridging Thermal Modelling

In addition to the heat flow normally transmitted through the building envelope due to air leakage for example, multi directional heat flows are created by thermal bridges.

thermal break design

Design Assistance

Need help with a building connection that requires a structural thermal break? Our technical department is available to assist you with structural and thermal design questions.

Cladding / Wall Panels thermal breaks

Armatherm™ Z Girt

Thermal bridging is recognized as a significant factor in building envelope heat loss.

Cladding / Wall Panels thermal breaks

Armatherm™ – Cladding Thermal Bridging Solution

Armatherm cladding attachments significantly improve wall assembly thermal performance. Armatherm FRR Z Girt, clip and thermal break shims provide a combination of low thermal conductivity and high compressive strength transferring load and reducing heat loss.