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Armatherm™ FRR Structural Thermal Break Material

Armatherm™ FRR Structural Thermal Break Material

(Thermal Insulation Material - TIM)

Armatherm™ FRR structural thermal break material provides a combination of low thermal conductivity and high compressive strength and has been used in thousands of structural steel framing connections, transferring load in moment and shear conditions. Armatherm™ FRR thermal break material can support up 310 N/mm2 and has an R value of 0.9 per 25mm. The material is made of a reinforced, thermoset resin which is fire resistant and has very limited creep under load, making it the ideal material for use in structural steel and façade thermal break connections.


Applications using Armatherm™ FRR to reduce heat flow include:

balcony thermal breaks

Steel balcony

FRR structural thermal breaks

Equipment screen

roof thermal breaks

Roof anchor

mullion thermal insulation

Curtain wall mullion

construction thermal bridging

Masonry shelf angle

steel stucture thermal breaks

Steel framing

armatherm FRR thermal bridge

Washer and Bushings using Armatherm™ Thermal Insulation Material (TIM)

With a bolt through structural thermal break pad there is a thermal transfer along the connecting bolt.

To further reduce heat loss, Armatherm™  bushings and washers can be used on the warm face of the structure. 

The addition of Armatherm™ Bushings & Washers can improve thermal efficiency by 12% depending on the wall assembly construction.

In extreme applications (e.g. Indoor Swimming Pools), to prevent condensation on the bolt head, a polyurethane nut cap can be supplied to effectively screen this cold surface from the internal environment.

Structural Steel Thermal Break Connection

Structural Thermal Break with Thermal Bushing & Washer

thermal bridging

Steel Bolt Through Connection Thermal Break

armathrem pad

Armatherm™ FRR thermal break material.

thermal bolt isolation

Armatherm™ steel bolt thermal break.

armatherm pads

Armatherm™ thermal break washers and bushings.

Armatherm™ Thermal Break Pads are often called, Thermal Bridges, balcony isolators, structural thermal breaks, cantilever steelwork thermal bridging, cold bridge isolation, thermal partitions,   steelwork thermal break, thermal bridging, cold bridging pads, cold bridging solutions. All of these solutions use Themal Insulation Material TIM to prevent thermal bridging.

thermal break usa

Armatherm™ TIM (Thermal Insulation material) connection plates are available all over the USA

To further reduce heat loss, Armatherm™  bushings and washers can be used on the warm face of the structure. A thermal break at the bolt connection will reduce heat loss an additional 4% per bolt depending on the wall assembly construction.

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Armatherm™ TIM (Thermal Insulation material) connection plates are available all over the Canada

Ontario, Ont.
Quebec, Que.
Nova Scotia, N.S.
New Brunswick, N.B.
Manitoba, Man.

British Columbia, B.C.
Prince Edward Island, P.E.I.
Saskatchewan, Sask.
Alberta, Alta.

Newfoundland and Labrador,
N.L. Yukon Territory, Y.T.
Northwest Territories, N.W.T.