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Armatherm™ sponsors local wheelchair racer on his quest for victory

Armatherm™ has sponsored a Leeds wheelchair racer who has been selected to represent Great Britain in the 2018 European Championships in Berlin.

After stepping on a sea urchin on holiday in 2012, talented sportsman, Callum Hall, became paralysed from the waist down. Since then, he has channelled his passion and love of sports and taken his interests to the next level, by competing in major sporting events such as the 2018 commonwealth games.

Following his selection for the European championships in Berlin, Armatherm™ has sponsored Callum to fund a brand-new race chair. As wheelchair racing is an equipment based sport this piece of kit will help Callum perform at a top level, which was seen during the 2018 commonwealth games where the chair helped him to race well throughout the challenge.

Commenting on the support he has received from Armatherm™, Callum, said: “I cannot thank Armatherm™ enough for its support as without it I wouldn’t have been able to race as well as I did in the commonwealth games. Now my sights are set on the European Championships and the new chair puts me in the best possible position to put in a top performance.”

Callum’s next challenge will see him compete over the track distances of 400m and 800m. His current ranking is fourth and fifth, so the event will be an opportunity to improve on his current position. To find out more about Callum and to keep up-to-date on his progress, visit his Facebook page.

How to make flat roof systems energy efficient

The majority of commercial buildings are designed with a flat roof, offering extra space for equipment such as HVAC units, roof screens and solar panels. Although this structure can provide extra space for these systems, the way in which the supporting elements that pass through the roof are connected to avoid energy transfer isn’t always considered.

When it comes to thermal efficiency, any penetration within the building envelope, whether it be through a floor, wall, or roof has the potential to create a thermal bridge. This is a point within a structure where heat can easily transfer through the connection, causing energy loss and potential condensation. The roof is a key location where energy transfer can occur, particularly in commercial buildings where the installation of on-roof equipment is very common.

Armatherm™’ 500 structural thermal break material is an inert, closed-cell polymer that can transfer load while offering continuous insulation to maintain R value and prevent thermal bridges. It also helps to avoid condensation issues, which occur when cold temperatures are transferred indoors. It is not uncommon to see mould on ceilings where roofing systems have been installed, or the interior walls of buildings that feature a cladded façade or balcony, where cold surfaces have not been addressed correctly.

Using an Armatherm™ product within a roofing assembly can eradicate energy transfer issues to help keep the building energy efficient. Check out our products page to find out more.

Armatherm™ Minimise Energy Loss and Improve Building Envelope Performance

Armatherm™ partners with RIBA offering thermal bridging webinar

Armatherm™ has partnered with RIBA to offer an informative webinar on the subject of thermal bridging. Developed to educate architects, this will provide an opportunity to earn important CPD points, necessary to continue practicing within the architectural profession.

RIBA is one of several websites where thousands of architects, builders, contractors, engineers and other construction professionals go to fulfil their continuing education and professional training requirements free of charge; and Armatherm™ is proud to be offering a thermal break seminar in partnership with the RIBA team.

Armatherm™ thermal break products are intrinsic to ensuring structures are as energy efficient as possible. This is more important than ever with recent government legislations and energy codes coming in to play. The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive requires all new buildings to be nearly zero-energy by the end of 2020, meaning it’s imperative for architects to be aware of the most innovative methods available to meet this target.

The Armatherm™ course, worth 1-4 CPD points, provides an overview of thermal bridging, discussing the reason why it occurs, as well as how it can be prevented, assisting architects to define thermal bridging, describe why it occurs and explain the effects.

To enroll in the course or for more information, click here

Thermal breaking in structural steel projects

If you’re a contractor or architect working on an industrial building, chances are steel is a key material for the build. Steel has an approximate 90% market share for single-storey industrial buildings, as its strength and versatility are big selling points, however, its thermal performance isn’t always considered. This is where structural thermal breaks come into play, as they can substantially cut energy loss, as well as saving money on a building’s running costs.

Although thermal bridging issues are now commonly recognised in steel projects, and often addressed at the design stage, awareness of the variety of projects in which they can be used and the technology behind them is more unknown. Effectively isolating temperatures can actually reduce the R value of a wall, floor or roofing assembly by as much as 60% – pretty impressive, right?!

A structural thermal break can be used in a variety of steel construction applications such as balconies and foundations. Balconies are often made from cantilevered steel or aluminum elements and are typically connected to slab edges or spandrel beams on the interior side of the thermal envelope. Installing a structural thermal break at this connection will improve the U value of a wall assembly that includes this type of point transmittance. We also undertook a column base application project for Aldi to isolate its cold store units, read more about that here.

Within a sector moving towards improving energy rating systems for new buildings, alongside better control and reduction of energy consumption, structural thermal breaking has become an important issue. As thermal bridging specialists, we are always here to help, so if you have a thermal bridging issue or would like to discuss an upcoming project please do get in touch.

Thermal breaks specialists improve energy efficiency of luxury hotel by 60%

A luxury hotel in Yorkshire has improved its energy efficiency by up to 60% with an innovative thermal bridging solution delivered by Armadillo, as part of a £9.5 million refurbishment project.

The thermal breaks specialist was appointed by Aim Applications to deliver the solution which will add to the hotel’s existing facilities with the addition of a new spa extension. The team’s solution insulated the hotel’s roofing system, which involved isolating the rooftop balustrade posts from the flat roof structure. The manufacturer’s product, Armatherm™ 500, was installed at the location where the posts and roof met to create an effective thermal barrier. The material prevented the cold steel posts from penetrating the roof insulation and transmitting cold temperatures into the interior structure as a result.

The solution implemented by the team will help to dramatically reduce condensation issues, along with improving the energy efficiency of the hotel when the spa is complete in Spring 2017.

Commenting on the project, Armadillo’s managing director, Jonathan Shaw said: “The Rudding Park project was an interesting job that demonstrated the versatility of our Armatherm™ material.

“Our thermal breaking solutions are often specified to isolate temperatures in cladding or façade projects, but they can be implemented anywhere a transition occurs in the building envelope. Roofing structures are a key location at which heat can be lost, impacting heavily on the energy efficiency and running costs of a building.”

Armatherm™ 500 has been used in a variety of construction projects, from structural steel framing connections and façades to residential builds and freezer rooms.

Armatherm, Running On The Sun

Armatherm and Armadillo NV are pleased to announce that as of November 1st, 2017 the companies have relocated.  The nearly 8,000 square foot facility is located at 1 Titleist Drive, Acushnet, MA  02743.  The building, is one of the former manufacturing facilities of the Titleist company where their famous golf balls were made.

The larger plant provides expanded manufacturing space which was required to accommodate the growth experienced over the past two years.  “We are especially pleased with the fact that all of the energy we consume for our operations comes from the sun.  The solar panel array on this building generates 7,000 KW per year.  None of the energy we consume comes from the grid – we are using 100% sustainable energy.”  Robert Haley, President of Armadillo says.  “This dovetails nicely with the fact that the purpose of the Armatherm product line is to reduce heat loss in commercial buildings and reduce energy costs.”

The move will expand the manufacturing capabilities of both companies as well as support continued growth and product development. 

Armadillo embarks on sponsorship deal to support sled dog racing

Armadillo has barked up a different tree by sponsoring the leading British female sled dog racer in the UK, Vickie Pullin, in her next major event in Poland. After pledging to sponsor Vickie, she is now aiming to become the best in her field, and will be taking part in the 2017 World Championships in Mikolow, Poland.

Vickie first found her passion for dog sled racing after working in Canada and Alaska, where she instantly fell in love with sled dog breeds. She now has a team of 26 dogs and a number of achievements under her belt, including the Scottish National Bike Champion title and owning the fastest four-dog team in the country. She is also the only British racer to hold a sprint World Cup standing on the sled and has achieved three more British champion titles this year.

Vickie said: “The encouragement and generosity from my sponsors, such as Armadillo, has been overwhelming. I couldn’t do what I do without their backing or the amazing support network that has built up around me. I feel very lucky to be able to do something I love surrounded by my amazing dogs, I just can’t wait to be back on the trails!”

After extensive training, Vickie is putting together her dog dream team to help her secure the champion title. With dogs from all over Europe, Vickie is putting each of them through their paces to make up her final four, including six new puppies she has been training specifically for this moment.

Jonathan Shaw, said: “I met Vickie after booking a family sled dog lesson, and we were instantly blown away by her passion and drive to achieve great things with her incredible dogs. We decided there and then to support Vickie by sponsoring her in this journey to become World Champion, and we’re sure she’ll do us proud.”

Armadillo wishes Vickie the best of luck in her exciting pursuit for the World Champion title. If you’d like to show your support, keep up-to-date with Vickie and meet her super dogs, check out her website here.

Armadillo rolls out the red carpet for Rolls Royce’s new precision machine

To completely isolate the section of flooring for the new machine, an innovative noise and vibration solution was required. Armadillo installed Vibstop, a closed-cell medium density material specifically designed to have reliable vibration isolation qualities. A floor slab was cut out of the foundations and excavated to create a pit, the walls and base of which were then covered with Vibstop before the hole was filled with concrete.

Following an impressive and efficient installation process, the solution effectively isolated vibration. The floor section created for the new high-precision machinery is completely isolated and unaffected by other machines that create strong vibrations. The new piece of kit is able to work to the best of its ability with no disruptions thanks to the high-quality product used by Armadillo.

Armadillo increases building envelope efficiency by 98%

Manufacturing a unique material, the team has added the Armatherm™ Z-Girt to its product range. This thermal breaking solution eliminates the use of highly conductive metal girts and aluminum brackets, which are responsible for heat transfer and energy loss through the building envelope, particularly in wall assemblies and cladding. Using an Armatherm™ Z-Girt has been proven to significantly improve the U value of a wall assembly, making the locations where the product is used up to 98% efficient.

The revolutionary material, known as Armatherm™, is a fire resistant, thermoset compound which is exceptionally strong, nonconductive and water resistant. Finding a material with all of these qualities was a challenge before Armadillo brought its products to the market.

Since the new product launch, the Armatherm™ Z-Girt has been specified for a variety of high-profile projects across the globe in major cities such as New York City and London.

Commenting of the new product, Jonathan Shaw, Armadillo’s managing director, said: “We knew that we had something special when Armatherm™ was developed, and we’re pleased with how versatile our material has proven to be.

“Our expert team can provide Armatherm™ to a variety of specifications, making it suitable for any building envelope application including roofing, foundations, wall assemblies, balconies and canopes. Having a thermal breaking solution that’s high-load bearing and insulating is gold dust within construction, and we’re keen to share its benefits with the industry.”

The full Armadillo product range includes the Armatherm™ Z-Girt, Armatherm™FRR and Armatherm™ 500 series structural thermal break materials.

Armadillo provides cutting-edge product for Aldi’s £25m distribution centre

Armadillo was appointed by engineering firm, Craddy Pitchers Davidson to insulate the distribution centre’s 1000 sqm cold store room, used to stock thousands of frozen and chilled products before distribution to UK Aldi stores.

The manufacturer’s product, Armatherm™ 500, was installed directly under steel column bases which bridge the floor slab insulation. Support columns pass through the non-load bearing slab insulation to warm ground beneath, short circuiting the insulation barrier. Armatherm™ 500 is an inert, ultra-high density closed-cell polymer which offers high load capacity coupled with outstanding thermal performance.

Since the installation, Aldi has appointed Armadillo to provide thermal breaks for three more distribution centres across the UK as a result.

Commenting on the project, Armadillo’s managing director, Jonathan Shaw said: “As this job called for a material with high-compressive strength and fantastic insulation properties, Armatherm™ 500 was the perfect solution for Aldi.

“Hardwoods such as Iroko timber are often specified for thermal breaks, but they absorb moisture and are prone to rot, making them ineffective. Due to its closed cell nature, our product will not absorb moisture and carries all the properties needed to bear column loads and isolate temperatures, which is exactly what the client needed. A material with all of these qualities is highly sought after in today’s market and many competitor products are over specified for these kind of applications so can not fulfil this demand economically.”

Armatherm™ 500 has been used in a variety of construction projects, from structural steel framing connections and façades to residential builds and freezer rooms.