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Armadillo increases building envelope efficiency by 98%

Manufacturing a unique material, the team has added the Armatherm™ Z-Girt to its product range. This thermal breaking solution eliminates the use of highly conductive metal girts and aluminum brackets, which are responsible for heat transfer and energy loss through the building envelope, particularly in wall assemblies and cladding. Using an Armatherm™ Z-Girt has been proven to significantly improve the U value of a wall assembly, making the locations where the product is used up to 98% efficient.

The revolutionary material, known as Armatherm™, is a fire resistant, thermoset compound which is exceptionally strong, nonconductive and water resistant. Finding a material with all of these qualities was a challenge before Armadillo brought its products to the market.

Since the new product launch, the Armatherm™ Z-Girt has been specified for a variety of high-profile projects across the globe in major cities such as New York City and London.

Commenting of the new product, Jonathan Shaw, Armadillo’s managing director, said: “We knew that we had something special when Armatherm™ was developed, and we’re pleased with how versatile our material has proven to be.

“Our expert team can provide Armatherm™ to a variety of specifications, making it suitable for any building envelope application including roofing, foundations, wall assemblies, balconies and canopes. Having a thermal breaking solution that’s high-load bearing and insulating is gold dust within construction, and we’re keen to share its benefits with the industry.”

The full Armadillo product range includes the Armatherm™ Z-Girt, Armatherm™FRR and Armatherm™ 500 series structural thermal break materials.