Armatherm UK has successfully passed an independent assessment conducted by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), resulting in the endorsement of its products by the Certified Thermal Details and Products Scheme.

The BRE is an internationally-recognised independent certification body, operating with the highest standards in the certification of fire, security and environmental products.

The Certified Thermal Details and Products Scheme is a non-government database containing independently assessed thermal junction details, as required for building regulations and standards compliance, in relation to thermal bridging.

The scheme allows users ongoing independent, third-party assessment and certification of the thermal performance of the following:

  • Building junction details
  • Opening products (e.g windows, doors and rooflights)
  • Major building elements (e.g wall, roof and floor products)

Having complied with the requirements of the assessment, the following Armatherm UK materials have been certified: FRR Thermal Break Material in 15mm and 25mm which is used in balcony junctions, and 500 Thermal Break Material in 50mm and 100mm, which is used in column base connections.

This certification ensures that the performance of Armatherm’s thermal break materials meet appropriate standards, and instils confidence about the thermal performance of products to building design professionals with an interest in creating energy efficient structures.

Armatherm UK is proud to be listed on the scheme’s online database here.

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