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Providing energy efficiency

Armatherm™ Z Girit is made of a reinforced, thermoset resin which is Fire Rated to a Euroclass B Standard and has very limited creep under load making it the ideal material for use in structural thermal break connections.

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Key Features

Heat Flow paths (thermal bridges) allow as much as 70% heat to pass through, negating a lot of the benefit that comes from installing insulation to your walls. Armatherm™ Z Girt Structural Thermal Break provides an alternative solution to the steel or aluminum girts and clips that allow heat to escape, offering increased heat efficiency in both hot and cold settings while helping decrease energy costs.

Previous Projects

Minnesota Vikings Stadium 

Across the pond in Minneapolis, Armatherm had the pleasure of supplying thermal breaks to the Vikings for their 66,000 capacity U.S. Bank Stadium. 

Aldi Distribution Center

Armatherm had the pleasure of supplying one of the fastest growing supermarket chains in the UK. 

Tate Modern

Armatherm supplied thermal breaks to the Tate Modern during a recent extension.

armatherm z girt

BIM Files, What Are They?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a new intelligent 3D model-based process that is used by architects, engineers and contractors. It helps them work collaboratively in order to plan, design, construct and manage buildings by utilising the same database and 3D models.

Energy Savings

Minimising heat flow within a building’s thermal envelope reduces energy consumption as well as potential condensation issues. Thermal bridging through steel and concrete framing can have a significant impact on a building’s energy performance.

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We have dealt with Armatherm for the past 9 years their service and pricing are second to none. We have always found them flexible with regards to delivery, even making goods within a day or two to help meet our clients demands. Excellent service all round.

Having worked with Armatherm previously, we didn’t hesitate to specify its products again for the Chelsea Waterfront Project. Working with Armatherm is always quick and easy and the team always delivers, hence why we will continue to specify their thermal break products for future projects.


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